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About the project

To simplify and assist the teacher as well as a student during the submissions thereby overcoming the need for physical queues (physically being present in the queue) and forming virtual ones. * The app allows teachers to create future submission queues and also notifies the student of a particular batch about the same. * Whenever a submission is started by a teacher, the students can then join the Queue through the app and he/she is shown his/her position the Queue. This enables the student to invest that time productively until the time is his/her turn arrives. * Students can subscribe to various teachers he/she wants to get notified about and then whenever the teacher updates their location or creates a submission Queue, the student will be notified about the same. ## Motivation 1. The submission week tends to be tiring for both the teachers as well as students. 2. Due to various submissions at different locations confusion is created amongst the students and the teachers. Also, corridors become crowded and chaotic. 3. It becomes inconvenient for the teacher to maintain discipline in the Queue and carry out submissions at the same time. 4. There is wastage of time of the students who have to stand in Queue for submissions. To overcome all these problems and make the submission process less tiring we have come up with this app.

Tech stacks used

  • Android Java

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